My cat is crazy. I have proof! It’s not just me!!!



Proof that my cat is more insane than me! Given the choice between Whiska’s and caviar he went for Whiska’s every time! 




One Geometric Tortoise. Photo taken in the Namaqualand road side. Even with the exposure lens, the sun on the white sand was too bright for a better photo.

See Geometry in the name and on the shell.Nature at its best.

A midnight first post.

One has to wonder at the wisdom of randomly signing up for anything that will stand still long enough to be written all over?


My reason’s for joining? Boredom seems a likely source.Insomnia another.


The cynical ulter ego’s voice in the back of my head begging to be heard by people that might just take interest rather than the mundane so and so’s that listen but do not consider. Digest for the sake of conversation but do not add to the value of thought.


It is now rather late in the evening, or morning depending on which way you view darkness. 12:30 to be exact. Right now. As I wrote that it was 12:30. A glass half full compared to a glass half empty scenario really.  People who want to shock and awe in the morning will say that they stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. Whereas others will say they went to bed rather late last night. Either will do of course. 

Oh look its 12:32. It took me 2 minuets to digest the remainder of that paragraph. And in case you were wandering. What am I going on about? I’m bored and this is my inner monolog. It was never meant to be interesting. Merely entertaining.


One might argue that it is the same thing. But sitting in science class listening about volcanic eruptions is interesting. Watching the weird kid in the front row blow their eyebrow’s off is entertaining.


Writing when tired is never a good idea of course, so I think that I shall relinquish the keyboard as the pen in no longer of use to me and try to get some sleep .